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You know the feeling. You’re at work and it starts to set in. Another painful migraine is on the way and that means another missed day of work is on the horizon.

The cost of migraines astounding: each year, Americans report 113 million lost work days due to migraines.

The good news here is that means employers feel the impact of your migraines, too. Improvements to your work environment are in their best interest!

Reducing environmental stressors that contribute to migraines benefits your health and a company’s bottom line.

Whether it’s a sore neck due to monitor placement or fluorescent lighting, there are adjustments that can be made to reduce known triggers, which helps you keep migraines at bay and decreases your sick leave. It’s a win-win.

You can work with your occupational health department to request ergonomic and lighting improvements such as filters, diffusers, fixing flickers, reducing brightness, or anti-glare screens. It might even make sense for you to seek disability accommodations.

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