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guest blog by Karen Dubs, Migraine Freedom coach

How you start and end your day makes a huge difference in your energy and overall health. By committing just 10 minutes first thing in the morning to your morning ritual, and again in the evening to your evening ritual, you can start your day feeling calm and energized and end it feeling peaceful and relaxed.

Consistency is the key to all change. For the next 5 days, challenge yourself to schedule 10 minutes in the morning to meditate, pray, practice yoga, journal or a combination that suits your personality.

At night, take another 10 minutes to contemplate the day with gratitude, set intentions for the next day, stretch, breathe, take a bath, journal, pray, meditate or a combination that suits you. Here are some ideas to get you started:

10-minute morning ritual (before you check your phone)…

1. Drink a big glass of filtered water to rehydrate (with lemon, if you like)

2. Use a few dabs or a spritz of orange or peppermint essential oils for energy and motivation

3. Take 3 deep breaths and set your intention

4. Practice 6 – 8 rounds of Sun Salutations

5. After your Sun Salutations, pause, breathe and reset your intentions

6. Drink a hot lemon water (or add fresh lemon or a drop of lemon and ginger essential oils)

7. Make a breakfast smoothie (in a mason jar to-go if you’re commuting to work)

8. Don’t forget to fill a large glass or stainless steel water bottle before you head out. You can add a few drops of essential oils or a slice of lemon (glass only).

10-minute evening ritual (after you shut down your phone for the night)…

1. Journal about gratitude, your intention or “one word”

2. Dab on a few drops of Serenity or lavender essential oil

3. Take a few deep breaths and contemplate how you feel and what you might do tomorrow to feel your best


Pssst….want to give sun salutations a try right now? Do it alongside Karen in this video she made to show us how:


Extra Tips:

 Before you go to bed, make prep smoothie ingredients or chia pudding for your next morning’s breakfast

 Turn off your phone 1 – 2 hours before bed or use blue-blocking glasses

Again, creating a healthier lifestyle is all about making small, bite-size steps in the right direction. If you struggle to prioritize which changes to make first or feel overwhelmed by all the information available these days, a health coach can help you formulate a personalized step-by-step plan so that you finally get results. Click here to learn more about working with one of our Migraine Freedom coaches.

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About Karen:

Karen Dubs is an INN certified health coach experienced at guiding motivated individuals to achieve their health goals – whether that is waking up with more energy each day or competing at the Olympics!
Published author of the book Find Your Flexible Warrior, Karen has inspired thousands to implement self-care, nutrition, and other lifestyle upgrades to reach their wellness and fitness goals.
Having overcome struggles with migraine headaches, chronic fatigue and pain herself, she empathetic and full of strategies that will help you get relief naturally.