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Guest Blog By: Mark Canadic, Registered Homeopath and founder of Migraine Professional

Migraines can make it seem like our body has it in for us.

I had the same feeling, like all these things were going wrong on purpose because my body hated me or I deserved it.

Then I found homeopathy and the value of nutrition.

I slowly started to peel back the layers of symptoms, like layers of an onion that kept me from living a normal healthy life.

homeopathy for migranesHomeopathic medicine is readily used in the mainstream medical system in countries like India and Brazil that have the funding to conduct studies on homeopathy’s effectiveness on migraine.

One study out of India on 89 migraine cases showed 61.85% of them had “marked improvement” which was the, “disappearance of all signs and symptoms in terms of frequency and intensity of migraine attacks and its associating symptoms for which the patient initially approached, without any relapse (at least for a period of 6 months).”

With 27.63% showing “Improvement” which meant that they experienced, “mental and physical well-being with relief in all signs and symptoms in terms of frequency and intensity of migraine attacks and associated symptoms for which the patient initially approached.”

One of the reasons homeopathy is amazing for migraines is because of its safety profile and ability to be used while pregnant, nursing and for children safely.

Tips for using homeopathic medicines:

  • Always try and find your constitutional medicine which fits your total symptom picture rather than just the symptoms around your main complaint
  • If you are in an acute attack phase and your constitutional medicine isn’t working, switch to your acute homeopathic
  • Use the smallest dose necessary to get a response from the body then let it do the rest
  • Pay attention to how symptoms change. If they are going in the reverse order that they came, if they are going from more important to less important organs, if you are getting the return of old symptoms or if they are moving from the top down then you are dosing correctly
  • Avoid using anything that suppresses symptoms as it will drive the disease deeper and can often cause a worsening of symptoms and health issues as is commonly seen with rebound headaches
  • Steer clear of combination homeopathics unless absolutely necessary as you won’t be able to tell what is causing the relief. Continuing the relief process with higher potencies will be impossible as you will not know what is acting and a homeopath will not be able to guide you without restarting.

My experience with many female migraine sufferers is that homeopathy really excels in changing sensitivities to trigger. For example: some migraines are extremely susceptible to light, smell and noise but after homeopathic treatment they don’t experience the same level of sensitivity or have the sensitivity at all.

homeopathy for migranesThis was my own case as smells were highly triggering but I can now walk through the cleaning supplies isle in grocery stores and come out fine.

Homeopathy is an amazing system of medicine and focuses on addressing the entire symptom picture of the person.

Instead of just focusing on a migraine or a migraine with aura, nausea and dizziness, homeopathy is very specific.

For example if you had migraines that:

  • Started in the morning around 10-11am
  • Feels like thousands of little hammers banging on your head
  • Are worse from any sunlight, by the sea or emotional stress
  • But better from being in the open air, sweating and fasting

Then you would look for a remedy that matched this exact picture and in this case it would be the homeopathic medicine natrum muriaticum.

Because there are many different homeopathic medicines that can be used for migraines I have created a free at home homeopathic medicines guide and provided it to my community here.

It teaches you how to use homeopathics and takes you through some of the most common medicines used in homeopathic practices around the world.

About the author:

Mark Canadic is a migraine community leader, writer, speaker and holistic health practitioner/advocate for chronic conditions. He is the founder of Migraine Professional and helps patients find holistic solutions that address the root causes of pain. Find him on Facebook, Instagram and through his work coaching migraine patients.

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