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Are you buried in obligations?

Racing just to keep up?

Do you ever crave a morning to yourself, but feel guilty to even think about canceling on a commitment?

It’s not easy to step off the hamster wheel of “busy and overwhelmed” but today we are celebrating our client Kerri, who did just that and is experiencing a newfound freedom.

Kerri cuddling with her sweet granddaughter – “One of the reasons I need to stay healthy!”

Kerri knew something had to change. She was getting more than 20 headache days every month and losing the desire to be around friends and family.

She started the Migraine Freedom program with Marta Taylor as her lead coach about three months ago and has already seen dramatic improvements in her headaches and overall happiness and well-being.

While she’s been working closely with Marta on her nutrition and has gained insights into her hormones, gut health and micronutrient status by looking at functional labs with our team of functional nutritionists, one of the biggest breakthroughs for Kerri was realizing that she was pushing herself beyond her own limits and not finding the quiet time she craved to paint, read and rest.

Kerri inspired us with her bold steps to create a life she loved and we hope she inspires you as she shares her experience in this interview:

How does your day-to-day life look different than it did 3 months ago?

Since beginning my coaching relationship with Marta, my life has changed for the better.  As a newly retired woman I felt I needed to keep busy.  I had activities scheduled every day.  I did not leave any time to just relax, regroup and refresh.  I have been a migraine sufferer since I was a teen.  6 months ago I was having up to 22 headache days per month!  I was desperate for help.  I have now taken a break from all those scheduled activities, changed my eating habits, and added relaxation techniques to my day.    I am not yet completely migraine free but feel I am on the road to recovery.

When did you realize that something had to change?

When I had 20 headache days for 2 months in a row and no longer cared about joining family activities.   I felt like I could die and be fine with it.  I wasn’t contemplating suicide but I just didn’t care what happened to me.

What was the hardest part about changing your schedule?  How did you get through it?  Did it turn out ok?

The hardest part was telling people that I had to slow down and take care of myself.  I knew they were doing as many things as I was.  Why could they do it and I couldn’t?  Once I explained that I suffered from migraines they were understanding and there were even a few that also suffered as I had.  I am so happy staying home. 

What kind of differences have you seen in the way you feel and your health?

The biggest and best difference is the decrease in my daily headaches.  I am now averaging about 6 per month.  I am also in a better state of mind, I feel happy and know that I can decrease my headaches even further.

What do you have time for now that you didn’t before.

I am now able to do my watercolor painting again.  I have been reading more also.  I’m also able to lunch with friends or have a spontaneous lunch date with my husband. 

What would you like to someone who feels busy, over-scheduled or overcommitted?

It’s ok to say no and step back.  Just because one person can go all day every day doesn’t mean you have to.  I have learned that my body just doesn’t like it when I don’t recharge it.  I need rest, relaxation and quiet time each day to feel well.  

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Your Turn to Share! What is one thing that you’ve recently started doing or would like to do to recharge your batteries? Let us know in the comments below 🙂 

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