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Single Lab Review Package




This package includes:

  1. A personalized summary report and 90-day Wellness Plan based on your lab results (including Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress and Supplement recommendations).
  2. An in-depth review session to discuss how to understand the report from the lab, connections with any health concerns you currently have, and a clear plan for the next 30 and 90 days. (~60min)
  3. A second check-in coaching call (2-4 weeks after initial call) to review progress and adjust the plan, as needed. (45-60min)

You will be provided with a written summary of all recommendations and resources and option to have the video calls recorded (phone calls are fine if you prefer, but won’t be recorded).

This package does not include:

  • Labs (these are usually ordered directly from the lab).
  • Supplements (we’ll direct you to a few good quality options and share our 15% discount on professional grade supplements at FullScript (US/CA only).) We take into consideration your budget and interest level in taking supplements.
  • Ongoing email support or additional coaching calls, which may be purchased separately.


100% Money Back Guarantee – if you purchase this package before your lab results are back and we determine that there are not significant healing opportunities identified in the particular lab results, we will offer you a full refund on this consult and an alternative plan. Unfortunately the labs are non-refundable so if you have questions about which labs will be a good option for you, please start with a New Client Case Review.