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For the first time in a long time, Mary is finally experiencing fewer migraines. Her last one was more than six weeks ago. Prior to following Engineering Radiance’s six-session, one-to-one health coaching program, Mary’s migraines were more frequent. Now, they are more manageable and less frequent. Her newfound discovery from the program: ginger root.

Mary’s journey to find natural healing solutions started nearly four years ago when she fell severely ill. Then, she leaned on pharmaceuticals and the advice of medical doctors which proved ineffective and unhelpful, leaving her to seek natural health practices.

A naturopathic doctor helped her overcome illness and simultaneously make the shift to a clean living lifestyle. But one thing she was not able to get control of were her migraines. That’s when she found Engineering Radiance.

After hearing Erin Knight and other migraine specialists speak at a webinar and at the 2017 Chronic Headache and Migraine Summit, Mary decided to give the Migraine Freedom program a try.

Immediately she found the program invaluable, and appreciated the non-judgemental approach  to discussing her migraine challenges.

“Both Erin and her associate Marta were very likable, easy to talk to and non-judgemental. And they both have had their own struggles with migraines,” says Mary, recalling what she liked most about working with the Engineering Radiance team.

Erin Knight and Marta Taylor worked with her to determine what aspects of her lifestyle to change for migraine relief.

Mary followed their guidance throughout the six-session program, which started with a thorough assessment, weekly recommendations and accountability sessions.

“The accountability was the most helpful—reporting to someone is what I needed. I believe I’m good at researching and knowing what to do but not good at implementing it,” says Mary.

There were a few recommendations Mary was familiar with but several that Engineering Radiance suggested that she had not heard of, including the use of ginger. And it stuck.

Today, any time Mary feels the first symptoms of a migraine strike, she relies on ginger for relief. Mary takes one dose at the onset of early symptoms and then another an hour or two later.

“It was an effective recommendation. It works and it is inexpensive to get,” says Mary.

While she is still trying to pinpoint the underlying causes and triggers of her migraines, ginger has become Mary’s rescue for ongoing relief.

As for her experience working with Engineering Radiance; Mary highly recommends the service.  

“The advice I got was extremely helpful and Migraine Freedom program process was very beneficial to me. I do not suffer from as many migraines,” says Mary. And for that she is grateful.

The next question is always, “what brand of ginger do we recommend?”

Fresh, organic ginger powder will do the trick, but if you are like us you may find that tough to swallow in sufficient quantities. Our clients have found success with GingerForce, which you can get for 15% off at FullScript (in US or Canada.)

ginger for migraines

Are there risks or side effects associated with ginger powder?

If you take any medications, speak with your doctor before using ginger or other supplements. High doses of ginger may interfere with blood pressure, blood sugar or blood thinning medications.

According to WebMD, doses over 5 grams/day increase the risk of GI irritation or upset.

Inspired by Mary’s story?

Mary C. was a client of Engineering Radiance in 2017. Her last name has been excluded from her personal success story for privacy. Engineering Radiance helps people like you who suffer from migraines to restore their health and break free from the side effects of headaches. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you, please contact us today.

Do you have experience using ginger powder to fight inflammation and headaches or migraine symptoms? Share how it worked (or didn’t) for you in the comments below!

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