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I would bet my lunch money that you have heard the recommendation to avoid staring at your phone or laptop screen at night many times. We know the blue light has a negative impact on your sleep. But have you been able to take this sage advice? Maybe you are the rare bird who has managed to shift their lifestyle around so that electronics are tucked away several hours before bed – congratulations, you are awesome and you can stop reading now.

This guest post that I wrote for the FDN blog is for the rest of us, who are still writing, searching, “liking” and tweeting well into the evening. I want to answer two questions. First of all, why is avoiding screen time so critical to our sleep and secondly is there any way to cheat the system and mitigate the effects without totally giving up our habits?

Read my full article at the FDN website where it was featured as a guest post this week:

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Blog

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I want to read the rest of the article!