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Don’t just take our word for it: Here’s what people like you have to say about our programs!



Simply put, Erin is just amazing to work with! Very knowledgeable, patient and has lots of empathy. She takes her time, responds to each email and tailors her recommendations to the individual. If more practitioners could only be like Erin, we would be in a much better health status. I have hope again for my chronic migraines that I’ve had for 20 years. I hope to find relief and that alone is a lot. Hind R.

Hind R.

VP Global Customer Support, California

The program was an investment in my health and my future – and it was worth every penny! I’ve built up a lot of new healthy habits like climbing stairs during my breaks and keeping water on my desk that have made a big difference in how I feel day to day. I used to have as many as 12 migraines a month and now I’m down to just 1-2 headaches per month (and still have gut-health things that I’m working on!). I lost 10lbs in the process and inspired my husband to get on board with the hormone and gut testing and diet changes for himself, too, which is great! I had been having the migraines for so long that I had accepted them as a part of life – now I know what the underlying issues were and have a great toolbox of natural relief tools, when I need them.

Stephanie E.

Financial Reporting Manager, Texas

Both Erin and Marta were easy to talk with, likable and non-judgemental. They’ve had their own struggles with migraines, so they could understand what I am going through. The advice and accountability I got during my 6 coaching sessions was extremely helpful. I am already having fewer migraine headaches!

Mary C.

Attorney, Florida

Knock on wood, I haven’t had a migraine in 6-months. It almost seems too good to be true!

Kathie K.

Homemaker, Tennessee

I was impressed with the level of insight and knowledge Robby had when he took me through the results of my DUTCH lab test. He was able to explain things in a way that captured the complexity of what we were looking at but that enabled me to better understand what I was dealing with and what we should focus on.

Corena C.

Executive Coach, New York

I learned a lot of healthy alternatives and tools to be able to help myself in the long term and be in better shape to take care of my family. I have more energy throughout the day – even without the caffeine! I appreciated that we worked on things that could fit into my busy workday and would be sustainable.

Neha G.

Site Reliability Engineer , Washington

My experience with Engineering Radiance has been nothing short of life changing. Having suffered with chronic migraines since childhood and having seen MDs, Neurologists, Endocrinologists, Chiropractors, Herbalists, Acupuncturists, etc., I did not have huge expectations. But the Imitrex had stopped working, and as a 42 year old Mother with young children and a stressful career, I was desperate. A friend sent me information about The Chronic Headache and Migraine Summit. This is where I found Erin Knight of Engineering Radiance, and started my journey of profound discovery and healing.
Before working with Erin, I had anywhere from 3 – 7 migraines per month. One year later, I am down to 0 -1 migraine per month and am optimistic that I will be able to eliminate them all as I continue the protocols and life improvements that were created and implemented during my work with Erin. It has been a long and worthwhile journey. My success is a testament to the systematic, compassionate, persistent, effective processes created by Erin in Engineering Radiance.
Whether you have been suffering for decades (like me) or migraines are a recent development in your life, I am very happy to recommend Engineering Radiance to help you find and address the root cause(s) of your migraines. For my own progress, words are not adequate to express the gratitude I have to Erin!
Amber S.

Erin is an outstanding coach who utilizes engineering skills to help people achieve their goals. She was phenomenal working with me. Listening and tuning into the crux of the situation, she provided insightful feedback in a constructive way. If you want results, this is who to work with.

Lisa N

Community Relationship Manager, Ohio

Erin and her team are passionate about using diet changes and lifestyle changes to overcome chronic diseases such as migraine headaches, lack of energy, and muscle pain instead of turning immediately to pharmaceuticals.  Erin is a great listener, and very knowledgeable.   Most importantly, she speaks from her heart because she understands and feels empathy for people who are struggling with health problems.  She motivates people to change their lifestyle with real life stories (and they are funny).  This makes you feel that you are not alone.  I believe she is great health coach with deep understanding of our human biological, psychological, and nutrition needs.

Ellen N.

Homemaker, Washington

Erin’s talents are a combination of teacher, problem solver, healer, and coach. Basically a guru for good health.

Erin can be a valuable resource for your organization and employees to ensure that you have healthy engaged employees. Her training and presentation skills are outstanding.

Ron Rael

Author and speaker, Washington

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the classes I’ve taken from Erin…she studies her subject matter thoroughly and shares it in a manner that is easily understood and practical to implement. And I especially love having ‘health’ conversations with her as I always walk away with a new thought about being healthier, having more energy and improving my overall wellness.

Marnelle H.

Retired as Senior VP at First American, Washington

Erin has been a very knowledgeable resource for me and my team with understanding the source of health. Her approach is very friendly and focused on increasing understanding about how the symptoms we’re experiencing with our health have a source. In understanding the source we can proactively prevent issues before they arise. I highly recommend Erin due to her expertise and knowledge in the field root cause analysis of health issues. I personally recommend Erin because of her friendly style and the mentorship that she provides in navigating our modern life and how to get back to radiance.

Sam Tran

Scientist, Washington

I thought I had tried EVERYTHING out there to sleep better, but during our coaching session we came up with some new ideas that I am excited to try. I will definitely recommend Engineering Radiance to friends and family, because Erin was patient and spent lots of time listening on the phone and send detailed follow-up notes.

Jamie W.

Retired, Arizona