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Engineering Radiance Corporate Workshops

Are you and your team losing time to:

  •  the dreaded “afternoon energy slump”
  • headaches and migraines
  • brain fog
  • feeling distracted by stress and overwhelm??

The economic burden of migraine headaches alone is crushing…

Erin Knight, founder of Engineering Radiance

The good news is, that there are lots of simple ways to overcome these common problems.

Simple things like making better choices at lunch, changing up our bedtime rituals and reframing stress can be profound – when you know exactly what steps to take.

Before I started created systems to heal the human body, I led cross-functional teams for industry-leading companies including Amgen and L’Oreal to optimize processes and train hundreds of employees to execute efficiently on complex new systems.

After an incredible recovery from debilitating migraine headaches, I drew on my extensive experience with curriculum development and training program design to share what I discovered with those who wanted to discover the root cause of their health issues and have a proven system to heal their bodies.

For more information about the workshops I offer, click on each category:

Corporate Wellness Lunch and Learn Sessions

For companies looking to offer wellness support and employee enrichment, I host “Lunch and Learn” workshops in your Seattle-area office or virtually via live webinars. I currently offer three unique 50 minute classes that can be taught individually or in a weekly series:

1. “Eating Well On The Road” for the health conscious professionals who want to stick to their healthy diets while they are traveling.

2. “Healthy Foundations for an Innovative Mind” for the team that wants to get more done in less time and ignite that creative fire. (Also available in a 90 minute workshop format).

3. “H.I.D.D.E.N. Causes of Headaches” for busy, highly-utilized individuals who want practical, natural solutions to lower overall stress levels and be less susceptible to headaches and migraines.

Contact me for availability and pricing!

Action Oriented Workshops

With nine years of experience developing and delivering corporate training programs, I now host interactive, action-oriented workshops in your Seattle-area office. Longer format than the lunch and learn sessions, we will have time for lots of discussion and attendees will leave the class with an action plan to guide them through their next steps. Workshops are typically scheduled for 1.5 to 2 hours. I currently offer two unique classes:

1. “Eating Well On The Road” for the health conscious professionals who want to stick to their healthy diets while they are traveling.

  • I will share practical tips honed through my years of domestic and international business travel that have helped me stick to a strict gluten-free diet, experience minimal jet lag and arrive ready to contribute.
  • We will discuss how food choices can impact jet-lag, focus and fatigue during a trip.
  • Attendees will learn to navigate the dining options in a typical airport or business dinner with confidence.

2. “Secrets and Habits of Innovative Leaders” for the team that wants to get more done in less time and ignite that creative fire. In this workshop we will cover three focus areas:

  • The pillars of health that must be in place for an innovative mind
  • The top three productivity baits to free up time for mental freedom
  • The cutting edge secrets that the elite innovators are using now to maximize their creativity

I LOVE teaching these workshops because of the great engagement that comes out of the group discussions and because everyone walks away with one to two concrete actions that they are going to take to improve their lives. Contact me to discuss your timeline and budget.

Community Education Events

As part of my mission to educate and share my passion for holistic health, I strive to offer affordable monthly seminars around the community. If you are interested in collaborating or hosting a session at a shop, community center or private event hall near you please contact me! To stay informed about upcoming events, be sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter.   Past sessions:

  • 30 Day Rescue Plan for Headaches – Learn to identify your triggers and lower inflammation naturally
  • 72-Hour Rescue Plan for Sore Muscles – Relieve temporary aches and pains naturally and learn prevention strategies
  • Simple Superfood Cooking Workshop – Hands-on cooking class focusing on quick, whole food recipes
  • Secrets and Habits of Innovative Leaders- Steal from the best of the best and up your mental performance and productivity
  • Gluten-free and Paleo Travel Tips – Stick to your healthy diet even when on the road

Feedback from Workshop Participants

I went to Erin’s class on natural ways to soothe and prevent headaches. I used to have headaches 3 or 4 times a week! She helped me get started with a tracking log and gave me some ideas for common food triggers to watch out for. Now I realize if I avoid wine and caffeine and stretch every day after work – I really rarely have headaches at all anymore! If I do, she gave me this roller with peppermint, lavender and frankincense oils that helps a lot!

Kelly W.

Belleuve, WA

My favorite thing about Erin’s Simple Superfoods workshop was that she engaged the beginner cooks like me in the recipe prep and introduced practical tips for preparing healthy meals at home. At the same time, she thoroughly answered the questions that other people were throwing out about magnesium supplementation, sourcing quality ingredients and various detox fads. You could tell she really knew what she was talking about!

Ernest D.

Mgr Manufacturing, Amgen

I love working with Erin and have had a chance to do that in a number of different capacities. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the classes I’ve taken from her…she studies her subject matter thoroughly and shares it in a manner that is easily understood and practical to implement. I value being able to collaborate with her in team meetings…she brings many fresh ideas and I appreciate her perspective and insights. And I especially love having ‘health’ conversations with her as I always walk away with a new thought about being healthier, having more energy and improving my overall wellness.

Marnelle H.

Bellevue, WA

Sample video of one of my favorite tips

In this 1min video, see one of the tools I relied on to beat stress when I worked in the corporate world that my professional clients love learning about.

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