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Migraine Relief Checklist

Stop a migraine without drugs

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Missing out on time with family or friends, apologizing for having to cancel plans last minute, and watching work pile up is the worst…

We get it because we’ve been there – sidelined by migraine pain.

Even getting up to make ginger tea sounds like a herculean effort. What if you had your go-to migraine relief plan ready so that you could just follow instructions?

Why use a checklist?

The last thing you want to do when you have a migraine is google natural migraine remedies and try to figure out which one is going to help you. 

Coaching migraineurs all over the world, we found that making checklists helped our Migraine Freedom® clients remember to do all the little self-care things to get back on their feet when they aren’t feeling well.

This one simple step seemed to make all the difference between knowing and doingso we decided to share our relief checklist with you – for FREE!

I have little baggies of Imitrex all over the house, car, office and in my purses. But I haven’t had to refill them in months!! So crazy that something natural could help this much.

Karla, 42

Ready to personalize your own Migraine Rescue Checklist?

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I didn’t think natural methods worked until I tried 5 of these at once and then my migraine completely went away. It was the combination of ginger caps, essential oils, acupressure points, meditation track and breathing exercises that finally did it.

Margaret, 38


Relief for each phase of a migraine

1. Early Warning Signs & Aura. This is the Ideal Time to use natural remedies and try to stop the migraine process before it progresses

2. Headache. People who haven’t experienced a migraine are sometimes surprised to learn that the debilitating headache phase can last anywhere from a few hours to three days. Even though it is hard to stop a full-blown migraine, soothing the nervous system can reduce the intensity.

3. Recovery. It can take days to recover from a severe migraine attack and it’s important to make time to rest and replenish.

We plan ahead so things go smoothly…

  • check Packing for vacation
  • check Planning for a wedding ceremony
  • check Preparing a birth plan
  • check Making a shopping list

Why wouldn’t you prepare for a migraine that could potentially knock you out of commission for 24 hours or more? 

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